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Anvelina PROIII REV3.4E partly soldered board building

Добавлено: 01 май 2023 22:15
Hello! I open listing on Ebay, Anvelina PROIII REV3.4E partly soldered board - https://www.ebay.com/itm/334854972208
So here I will collect building experience, not only mine, hints, links to parts, etc.
EP4CE115F29I7N, where to buy - Aliexpress; Aliexpress; Second link appears unreliable, bought two, doesn't work properly.
KSZ9031 - could be any in QFN48 case. You can buy it at LCSC, very reliable part shop - LCSC
These are examples, I will ad XLS file with links.
Minicircuits parts: most of the parts you can get as samples from Minicircuits. With one exception, LPF-B50. Look at local Minicircuits dealers, or elsewhere.
Where to buy: it is up to you. Digikey; www.mouser.com; LCSC. And finally Aliexpress. But it is very tricky to buy there. Best case, if anybody bought that part before and can confirm, it is OK. But not steady as well, before everything was OK, on next day that seller sell fakes :evil:
Get EP4CE115F29I7N on board are most tricky process. How to do that, look here: Youtube; Youtube. If you will be very careful and will follow instructions, you will get proper result. Result could be checked with multimeter. Following parts shouldn't be soldered on - L50, L51, L52, L80. After check these lines, there shouldn't be short, very low or very high resistance. Multimeter should be in diode regime. 2.5V line - 620 - 650ohm, 1.2V line - 350 - 530ohm, 3.2V line 13330 - 1350ohm. But it isn't cut in stone. Some multimeters use different regimes, so final values could differ. As well as on some BGA chips it differs significant, but board work's like a charm. Before you solder L50, L51, L52, L80 on board, bootloader should be flashed. And instructions on how to solder Anvelina: Youtube. That is author IMHO, you can use your own methods 8-)
These capacitors should be unsoldered and exchanged with each other and soldered back: C219 to C217, C220 to C218.
Q1, Q6 PD85004 should be replaced with AFT05MS003NT1.
F1, F2 RLP-40+ should be used, but RLP-50+ will be OK too.
Driver transformer building instructions: Youtube
BN43-202 and BN-43-2402 are used in transformer.
Here are reference table, which oscillators, can be used as 10.000Mhz source: Digikey Cheapest are 7N-1000MBP-T, but enough good, best from this line are DOCSC012F-010.0M.
BOM file with links to parts are added ;) It is under development, yet. But most of parts are added. Nothing stops you find replacements 8-) BOM output from KiCAD added.
Power supply: Aliexpress Choose Gophert CPS-1640 or CPS-1660, if you need more power. Not cheap, but they are very high quality and very clean!!!
Update 20.09.2023: BOM Anvelina SDR updated with fresh links.

Keep in mind 8-) Anvelina board are fully compatible with Anan 7000 line, so if you suppose Anvelina is better, you can just exchange it in actual case ;)

As this is highly advanced DIY board, you should have certain knowledge,
experience and tools!!! As of my experience, most of the problems at
this board DIY process come from luck of previous mentioned things. All
questions/answers about building only on forum!!!

A bit harsh disclaimer, but true! But it shouldn't stop you, if you
really want to build it ;-)

Thread are under development, so follow it 8-)