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OpenHPSDR-firmware/Protocol 2/ Sdr Anvelina PROIII(KSZ9031RNX)

Добавлено: 22 июл 2022 03:03
Sdr Anveline is made on the basis of the Orion mk2 firmware (Openhpsdr), all the functionality is fully preserved, this is a complete radio without any cuts and optimizations that are often done for the sake of cheaper. In this case, the goal was to achieve better results, which, in my opinion, was fully realized. This firmware is made for EP4CE115F29I7N.
Now available on github: https://github.com/eu2av/Anvilina_PROII ... ag/v2.1.19

This archive contains everything that is necessary, this is the loader, the firmware of the first and second protocol of different versions, Thetis-2.9.7. Also, my settings for thetis may be useful to someone.
Anvelina PROIII-REV3.4E .jpg

Re: OpenHPSDR-firmware/Protocol 2/ Sdr Anvelina PROIII(KSZ9031RNX)

Добавлено: 25 июл 2022 21:03
I also wanted to comment on the information on the latest firmware (sdr-Anvelina-pro-3). I did not see any significant differences, firmware version 2.0 (2-protocol) works stably and did not cause any problems in radio stability. In winter, version 2.0.18 was released, we have it designated as version 2.0.19, it made corrections in it under KSZ9031, with the Anvelin pro-2 version, which uses the LAN chip KSZ9021, firmware 2.0.19 will not work. To date, both firmwares work well and stably, they do not have any differences in functionality, a small plus towards version 2.0 is a slightly lower current consumption in f-pha.