For sale!!!

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For sale!!!

#1 Непрочитанное сообщение YL2GVC » 20 ноя 2023 22:24

In this thread will be published avalaible equipment and boards for sale.

Price drop!!!

SDR Anvelina board ver.3.6G1, ready to use. 1200EUR
SDR Anvelina board ver.3.6G1
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SDR Anvelina board ver.3.4E, ready to use. 900EUR
SDR Anvelina board ver.3.4E
IMG_20231120_194815cut2.jpg (384.73 КБ) 690 просмотров
There are option to install LTC2217, which have better parameters than LTC2208. Some connectors are not installed, I left it to customers, choose what kind of they want. If no special request, I will solder on simple pin headers. Heatsinks are option as well, tell me do you need them. 3.4E board are not installed 10Mhz oscillator. I plan to solder on simple, but enough good 7N-1000MBP-T. If you ask for better option, like OX9143S3-010.0M, additional payment required.

BPF/PA partly soldered board ver.3.6.4. Could be sold as is or with soldered on remaining parts, except winded toroids and transformers. Later, timeline unknown, there will be boards with winded toroids. For SDR board buyer, discount will be applied. Price: ask!
BPF/PA partly soldered board ver.3.6.4
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SDR Anvelina empty board ver.3.6G1. 125EUR

VHF Anvelina 144-146Mhz empty board ver.3.5. 75EUR

SDR Anvelina partly soldered board ver.3.4E. 175EUR
SDR Anvelina partly soldered board ver.3.4E
IMG_8279small.jpg (302.01 КБ) 608 просмотров
Old and development versions of boards avalaible: SDR boards, BPF/PA, 2m transverter. Price: ask! But anyway it will go for bargain 8-)

Case are under development now.

Documentation, schematic, BOM on request! Later I will organize it and publish on this forum or Github.

Contact me: my nickname/call on Gmail.