Anvelina BPF1-2_PA100Watts.

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Anvelina BPF1-2_PA100Watts.

#1 Непрочитанное сообщение eu2av » 05 июн 2022 18:07

Today this board is fully debugged and in the new version of the low-pass filter it is already made in a three-loop version, which gave higher harmonic suppression and it came out better than 65 dB.
This board configuration was conceived for Anvelin sdr, that is, in fact, it is an analogue of Anan-7000, this design can also work with Odyssey-2, not a big firmware correction for this transceiver here
The board can also work Orion-MK2.
-Now some information about the design itself, the board is made in four layers and has a size of 230x200.
-The input power is enough 1 watt per input, if you reduce the feedback in the output stage, these are resistors R56, R57, R59, R62, then you can bring it up to 0.5 watts at the input.
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Schematic and BOM, you can also see the BPF and LPF graphs there:
BPF2-1_PA_Anvelina-SDR BOM_REV3.rar
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Frequently asked questions on self-assembly can be asked here in this thread.
Below are the photos for the manufacture of the output transformer, for the manufacture of the windings I used the 16AWG wire purchased here
I used the braid from the RG316 cable, that is, the braid needs to be threaded into the 16AWG wire, so we get a homemade 15ohm cable, which fits much better than 25ohm.
Нажмите на спойлер что бы увидеть фото.
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Further on the SWR meter and the directional coupler, it is desirable to reduce the connection with the output line of the transmitter, for this I used the RG402 cable, below by clicking on the spoiler the manufacturing process in the photo, I think it will be well understood :)
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#2 Непрочитанное сообщение YL2GVC » 05 июн 2022 23:27

Small addition ;) It is possible to use 12.5ohm coaxial cable in output stage transformer. You can buy it here: ... SwV65fawFy
As well as you can buy it directly from seller online shop here: ... ter-1.html
Not cheap, your choice 8-)